Monday, 4 July 2016

mundane monday - #67

today, july 4th, as many know, is Independence Day in the united states. so i thought it would be appropriate to post a photo of a George Washington presidential dollar in my collection.

washington was the first president of the united states, one of the founding fathers of the country, and commanded the continental army in the revolutionary war victory against the british. 

the coin is one in the series of presidential dollar coins issues by the US mint to commemorate it's presidents. 

see my earlier pics of a US penny (1 cent coin) here and that of my coin box here

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


summer has officially begun in these parts, with the first day of summer being a couple of days ago. today however turned out to be rainy all morning, with the day getting brighter in the evening.

rainy days are among my favourite things. there is something about rain that puts me in a really good mood - and if, like today, it is already raining by the time i get up and have my morning cup of tea, even better :)

rain is always good, but it is even more beautiful in the spring, when everything around looks so green and fresh... there had been so many rainy days the past month, and i had taken some pics now and then from our apartment balcony - i thought of posting some of them here today...

  when it rains, it pours - drenching our entire balcony and lashing down the glass door...

 a steady rain falling over the trees outside... 

a rainy day view of the opposite block in our apartment...

and the sun comes shining through... 
it was one of those days when the evening sunshine was so golden after a rainy spell, that it made even our balcony look all the more beautiful than it usually seems :)

Monday, 13 June 2016

mundane monday - #66

half the year has almost gone by already, and i realise i've made just one other mundane monday post this year. huhh. i suppose i haven't been taking that many photos this year. a few months back i got a new phone with a really good camera, and that has made me use my actual camera even less. this photo im posting today is one of those few from the camera this year.

this was taken a couple of months back, before i left for my month-long hometown visit. i was shopping around for some random stuff, when i saw this set of colourful measuring cups and spoons. they looked so pretty and i decided to get them for my cousin.
measuring cups are so handy in the kitchen, and it is always an added bonus if useful stuff is also pretty. they look so gorgeously colourful, don't they ?

the set of measuring cups that i myself have now, is this red one from ikea.

some more pops of colour here, here, and here !

incidentally, the old set of measuring cups i had was one of the early pics i took for the monday series. i realise they were pretty blah ones, though :)

Friday, 20 May 2016

oh, the trips we take and the memories we make...

the thing about taking a long gap from something is that it is all the more difficult to get back to it, or start doing it, once again. thats what happens when you take a long break from your blog - you actually feel clueless about where to begin and how to continue.

i could say the same thing about coming back to 'routine' or 'normal' life, after a long trip.

i was away from the end of march till the end of april, spending almost an entire month (except for a few days ) between my mom's and my aunt's houses, and being a part of my cousin's wedding.

there are a few parts about that trip which i wish i could erase out entirely, like the huge stress i had weighing on my mind because of some stupid paperwork which wouldn't get sorted out till the last minute, and some health issues. if these two hadnt been there, i would have enjoyed the trip and the wedding so much better - but well, there must always be some rain on the parade or it wouldn't be my life.

the good part though, it is always great when you get to spend time with mom, aunts and cousins. throw in a big fat indian wedding and it just gets better. when you look back, you always tend to take the tense parts leading up to a wedding lightly and focus only on the good parts... these are the ones which end up as fond memories, ones which will get talked about again and again, get told and retold over the years.

personally, i think i refuse to be an adult when im staying at my mom's or aunt's, and neither do they consider me one i guess :) - getting used to tea being ready by the time i brush my teeth, and having food cooked by someone else for a whole month, makes it so difficult to get back to 'adult mode' when you are back in a home of your own.
what makes it all the more difficult though, is the sights, sounds, colours and smells of the places you hold close to your heart. the bright morning sun that streams through your mother's kitchen, the neem tree in front of the house, or the banana tree in your aunt's backyard - with the passage of time, you realise that memories are more sensory than you think.

( in the foreground is the neem tree in front of my parents' apartment, the coconut trees behind are from the houses on the opposite side of the street... )

as i was saying at the beginning, it takes so long to get back to 'normal' after an extended home town visit. it has been close to three weeks and im still coming to terms with it :)
one of the things that make me feel 'back at home' and 'grown up', is making that first batch of ghee, first batch of yoghurt, and idli/dosa batter, to restock the kitchen. somehow these three seem to form the core of my existence, helping me get my bearings back, so to speak :)

so, is it just me or do you tend to have 'holiday hangover' too ? do you feel some memories hang more heavily over you than others ? 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

throwback thursday - TBT #25

march 17th is st.patrick's day. it is one of those celebrations that have become so much assimilated into mainstream american culture despite having originated in another country (ireland in this case). originally began as a catholic feast day for st.patrick, today it has become more associated with parades, drinking, and everything in green ! many american towns dye their rivers green for the day (and in recent years even the white house fountain ), and it is believed that americans spend more than $4 billion on the day - most of it probably on guinness beer, but also largely on costumes including green irish top hats and shamrocks, and cabbages ! (not to mention probably a sizeable amount on 'dui' tickets, post-beer.)

and now, coming to today's throwback - i always love a good round of vintage-picture-hunting, so here are a few that i found of vintage st.patricks day parades from around the world -

the one above is from the st patrick's day parade in new york city, 1909. photo from the collection of US library of congress, found on wikimedia here

photo above shows a parade in brisbane, australia, around 1927.  (on a side note, see the store on the side called 'barnes self service bazaar'. must have been one of the earliest stores to adopt a 'self service' format, without salespeople handing you the goods.) photo from the state library of queensland, found on wikimedia commons here.

and lastly, one from ireland itself - kids dressed up to entertain, dublin, 1924. photo from the national library of ireland, posted on flickr here.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

throwback thursday - TBT #24

march 3rd, 1923 - the first issue of 'TIME' magazine is published from new york city.

this is the cover of the first issue, below -

the first issue price of 15 cents can be seen on the cover. the person on the cover is US speaker Joseph G Cannon. 'TIME' has the world's largest circulation among weekly magazines, and its annual features, 'person of the year' and '100 most influential people of the year' are very popular.

today, the 'time' group has a large number of magazines, as well as media & communications businesses.

the entire first issue of time magazine is available to read, from their archives here.

Monday, 29 February 2016

mundane monday - #65

i took a photo today for the mundane monday series after many weeks - it was a surprise that the camera even held the charge for so long, i remember the last i charged it was some time in jan !

anyway, it is going to be almost a month since we moved into this apartment, and here are the keys - :)

march is here, and hope the weather gets nicer soon. i have lists to make and shopping to be done in the next few weeks, in anticipation of a long trip by the end of march, fingers crossed :)

hope you are having good days and nice weather wherever you are !


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