Thursday, 26 March 2015

throwback thursday - TBT #3

the next weekend will be easter, and that brought to my mind cadbury chocolate eggs. if you grew up in india, cadbury's was 'the chocolate' of your childhood - the undisputed choice over everything else - but cadbury eggs were one thing which did not really make it to the indian market. 

when i searched for vintage cadbury egg pics, i came across this article which has wonderful pics from the early days of cadbury, and some of the old ads. i couldnt have been happier. images below are from the article.

even though i dont celebrate easter, i love seeing the pastel colours all around - the blues greens and yellows are kind of an official reminder that spring is upon us !

ad for a cadbury egg in 1930 stating it costs 3 shillings and 6 pence

Cadbury egg Easter cards from 1914

im such a cadbury lover that when some years back the ownership changed to american hands, i took it really personally and felt kind of let down :( somehow cadburys will never feel the same again, i think !

Thursday, 19 March 2015

TBT - # 2 - mad as a march hare.

technically its supposed to be the first day of spring tomorrow, but the weather outside is anything but 'spring-ey', to say the least. who needs a snow warning on the first day of spring, seriously ? - utter madness is what it is.

which got me thinking about the phrase 'mad as a march hare'. apparently hares start behaving excitedly, jumping up and down, starting in march - which is the beginning of their breeding season. it has resulted in that phrase which has become so popular ever since lewis carrol used it in alice in wonderland (along with the 'mad hatter' ).

below is the illustration made in 1865 for alice in wonderland, by john tenniel. it shows alice at the tea party, with the march hare and mad hatter.

image source - wikimedia commons 

well, even though the weather might seem as mad as the hares now, spring always brings with it a sense of new beginnings, of hope... its definitely a heartening sight to see the empty branches start sprouting leaves, to see buds and blooms make their way out after months of icy frost. to be able to remind oneself that there is so much of colour to look forward to in the world, and the bleak frosty days dont last for ever. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

catching up, over a TBT.

long time, no post. i know. 

sometimes i think i'd rather not write anything if i'm not in the best of spirits, than to write in a bad frame of mind and have the negativity within me spill out here. despite having been an optimist as far as i can remember, there are times when i think im increasingly becoming a cynic about life. i dont know. i just keep telling me i need to make peace with myself. that, honestly, seems to be the most difficult part.

despite whatever may happen in life, what keeps me going is my 'fraulein maria attitude' of simply remembering my favourite things whenever i'm feeling sad. and thats where pinterest comes to play a big part. as anyone who has been on pinterest even once knows, you can be there forever and forget there exists a world outside. if you are looking for a non-prescription, non-alcoholic way to drown your sorrows, i highly recommend it.

on that note, one of my favourite things to search for is vintage stuff. pretty much anything vintage catches my fancy, so i have been toying with the idea of starting a throwback thursday series, based on vintage things that i find around the internet. (only that im not sure if i start a series, how regular it will be. as always things here are subject to so many things. lets see. at this point i dont have too much expectations for myself.)

and so here we go - i saw this pin of a set of typewriters. in addition to their beautiful charm, each one has a note to say which one was used by whom. 

i couldnt make out the models from the image, so i searched around with the caption in the pin ('typewriters and men who loved them') and found this article, i think originally written to go along with the pic. olivetti, corona, hammond - you can find out who liked what. 

out of the collection above, i liked the beautiful blue one belonging to McCarthy and also those of george orwell and steinbeck. i do not like that big red monstrosity at all. sorry. 

in my childhood, i remember my parents having a facit typewriter, and my uncle had a remington i think. if you close your eyes and take a deep breath, i bet you can catch a whiff of carbon paper and typewriter ribbon ... and the sound of the carriage return from another era.

Monday, 29 December 2014

mundane monday - # 47 - my favourite five from this year

wow. somehow this year has already wound down and we are at the last monday of 2014 .

this has been a year that makes me glad its ending. less said about the year, the better. so goodbye 2014 - you started on a good note, and am grateful for the handful happy days you brought, but im so glad its time to bring down the curtains on you.
here's to hoping that 2015 will see better days.

to wind up the year, here are some of the mundane monday pics that are my personal favourites from this year -

here are the links to each of the posts which have the photos above -

mundane monday - # 36

mundane monday - # 37

mundane monday - # 38

mundane monday - # 42

mundane monday - # 43

one of my pet projects this year with respect to the blog was the complete makeover i gave it. though i took a lot of time, it left me immensely happy since i completed the entire redesign without knowing a single line of code and without any fancy expensive tools like photoshop.
you can see all the details about it in the post i made here .

Monday, 22 December 2014

mundane monday - #46

with just another monday left in the year, i thought it would be good to have a little pop of colour. maybe just to remind ourselves that there are still nice things to look forward to in life, despite it seeming quite bleak often.
this was one of the earliest pictures i took in the mundane monday series, but has not been posted on the blog so far, since i started posting them on the blog much later. its one of my personal favourites too.

Monday, 15 December 2014

mundane monday - # 45

i didnt think there would be a lot many people sailing in the same boat as i do, until i stumbled upon this japanese word called 'tsundoku' some weeks back. the japanese have really nailed it with this one, i should say.

i used to be a very fast reader in my younger days (even if i do say so myself), but the past so many years have seen me accumulate more books than i read. my friend's book which was lent to me has been sitting with me for more than a year and im sure its hope of seeing its owner has considerably faded by now :)

i dont know if i should attribute it to the general lethargy that plagues me or to the fact that i spend a big chunk of time reading online than offline. whatever be it, the desire to buy and stack up on books never ceases :) i've only curbed myself a lot in recent years because books are so heavy to move from place to place often - but still i keep dreaming of having a big book shelf and reading nook someday.

there are days when i think im too drained to write, or do anything else for that matter, but somehow posting even a little something on this blog takes my mind off the chaos and madness of life. i guess thats why i still keep up this blog, even if i dont frequently update it. its like having backup chocolate in the fridge .

Monday, 24 November 2014

mundane monday - # 44

sometimes some things seem like they were made with just me in mind.

no further words this week, since i believe the pic speaks for itself.

i rest my case.  :)

From mundane monday
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